THE ABILITY TO HOVER (handy hint #374)

MediaPasifika has adopted the hover. Nothing to do with helicopters, humming birds or vacuum cleaners. A client said, I thought plaintively: ‘I want to hover my mouse over the text to know more.’

Mouse-hovering? We dinosaurs just don’t. But the idea gained momentum, deep in the primitive cerebellum, and long-suffering Techsupport, tasked to make it happen, did so, like yesterday. So now you can (hover, I mean) over media by name and find out what they’re about without committing a click. Super-useful when compiling media lists or just browsing for knowledge.

On an equally constructive note we’re boosting the prominence of My Contacts which languishes between Browse and Search on the front page under the rest of the admin. Many people, I’m sure, don’t know that inside My Contacts categories exist for the addition of useful items to the user database which acquire characteristics of media entries, but remain exclusive to the user.

Enter entities or people under Personal, Media, Staff, Clients, Non-media, and Prospects which cover most requirements (ask for more if you think of any). Add any of them to any group; create groups of non-media, or foreign media — MediaPasifika can be transformed into a complete communications management platform.

Dairy farmers owe their banks $38B. But Fonterra will pay an additional $1.75 per kg of milk solids for the organic variety on top of the current $4.15 to the mainstream and offer a switch to a market-linked model. Going organic seems like a no-brainer but switching over takes a season or two and here we see Integrity Soils' Nicole Masters and BioAg's Steven Haswell talking topsoil depth, soil biology and enrichment, grass species variation and much more with a group of farmers on Ratanui Farm, Otaki.

Mediapasifika opens up the who, the what, and the where of media in New Zealand and the islands — from the newsletter on Stewart Island to the dailies on Hawaii. Print, radio, television, Internet and blogs, layered like a cake. Clean and easy to cut through. Click to look at the fillings — the business journals and magazines by topic, the radio and television networks and independent stations, the social media topping. All the voices in the media, named and linked by email. Develop relationships, target your stories. Optimise the effort.

Cost is $600 for the year. No extras. Second licence $200. $1k gets five, all plus GST. Link with Mediamine for the consequences. KIS.

Contact David Reade tel 04 4758166 mob 027 4825036 email

"Thank God for MediaPasifika! At Ellis and Co, we focus on generating quality media coverage for our clients – that means delivering relevant content to targeted journalists. MediaPasifika provides us with simple and easy access to the ‘who’ and leaves us to answer the ‘how’…. after all that’s what our clients pay us for. The database is easy to search, up to date and its format means we can easily identify which media we want from a list of possibilities rather than worrying about what may have been left out.” — Jackie Ellis, Director, Ellis and Co.

“At Lighthouse PR we use MediaPasifika on a daily basis to ensure we have access to the latest media contacts throughout New Zealand. David and his team at MediaPasifika are dedicated to providing a top level service; they are terrific people to work with and we find their system simple to use, smart, intuitive and excellent value.” — Lorraine Steele, Director Lighthouse PR.

“We've been using Media Pasifika for a few months now and we're very pleased with it. The database of contacts is reliable, the design is simple with an easy-to-use search tool and David and his team are fantastic to deal with” — Chris Brown, proprietor, Sputnik PR, Wellington

“Working with David is always good, because he knows the communications business so well. That’s why MediaPasifika works for us, because he’s made sure it suits the needs of New Zealand communicators” — Leigh Catley, communications manager, Horticulture New Zealand

“Media Pasifika is a quick and simple database to use for contacts in the Pacific Region. When we needed to access the database immediately, David and his team were able to quickly connect us to the site so we could send out our media release on the same day” — Danielle Swiecki, Professional Public Relations, Australia.